Friday, May 21, 2010

My Little tinkerbell

Eden has recently switched her favorite character from Dora to Tinkerbell. I think the costume that Aunt Abbey gave her has helped a lot. As a treat from her potty training I've been letting her wear her costume all the time. As we all know, You aren't allowed to pee-pee in your Tinkerbell costume, and it has worked. :)

The other day Eden spotted some deer across the road. Or as I've been recently informed the Blacktop :) So we ventured outside to search for the deer while Eden was wearing her costume. I thought it was so cute I had to get a few shots of it.

I've also started playing around with my CS4. These are a few of my favorite pictures so far. I've still got a long way to go, but I'm having so much fun learning :)

Eden made a sword just in case we needed to fight off some wild animals :)
We found a ladybug and I was so surprised that Eden wasn't afraid of it.
She wanted to hold it, "All by myself" which seems to be her mantra lately.

Looking for the deer

Eden found a flowering weed that she picked and then pulled apart. I think she still to young to do the, he loves me/ he loves me not flower petal pull. Of course, I'll always think she's to young for that :)


Anonymous said...

Precious - Precious!! She tickles me with the tennis shoes (YaYa has to wear them with everything too!!) Can't believe she didn't want to wear her high heels.... You're doing GREAT with the pictures.

Steven and Candi Manning said...

Love it! We'll have to get Berkley a Peter Pan costume and maybe Meredith can borrow Eden's tinker bell costume when potty training comes.