Saturday, May 8, 2010

Stolen Kiss, Irish Cream and

Couch covers were in the wash.

Dancing green are the names of the colors we painted our living room and Eden's and Josiah's bathroom. I wonder how you get the job to name things like paint colors, or nail polish and lip sticks? That would be a cool job! You could sit around all day and think what does this color remind me of??? You could just make up stuff. Who really knows what shade of red stolen kiss is? I wonder why this particular shade made the namer think.... oh yeah, this looks like stolen kiss red!! Check please. :)
I digress, I have wanted to paint my walls red for years! I think it's my mom's fault. :) She let me paint my bedroom purple when I was in middle school. From that point on, I just thought walls should be painted a color. During college I lived in apartments and houses with roommates. I was not allowed to paint because it was a rental. Stark white walls scream to me, "temporary housing. Don't get comfortable, you're leaving soon!" They don't literally scream that, that's just how I felt living there. Then I moved to Wake Forest and lived in a duplex for 5 years. I had the most amazing Landlords who let me paint everything any color I wanted. So began my love for color.

Then we moved here, and we hit the ground running. The deacons painted our bedrooms for us and left white wall for us in the living room area. After moving in, we got pregnant and I didn't feel like I ever had time to paint. With a one and two year old I barely have time to take a shower every day much lass paint such a big room!
WELL that all changed this weekend. I finally got my red wall for Mother's Day. I decided because of our layout to just paint one wall red. The others are a yummy light toffee color called Irish Cream. It feels like home to me, warm, comfortable, colorful. Now my living room says, "come on in, sit down, curl up in this comfy room and lets hang out." I love that it says that! :)

I owe a great big thank you to my awesome in-laws. They came Thursday to visit, but to also help Larry and I while we painted. We had a blast. The Kids LOVE their Grandmamma and Big Daddy! I love when they visit. It's always a special treat. David is also my go to guy for painting. He does such a good job and will hang curtains afterwards. So we put them to work. Eden will always think of her Big Daddy in her Dancing Green Bathroom. Thank you so much for all your hard work. It looks GREAT :)
And to my AMAZING husband, thank you for working hard this weekend to make our home something I am proud of. You did an excellent job. It took a lot longer than I thought it would, but I am so happy with the end result. I am blessed to be your wife and the mother of your children. And be on alert, I'm going to try to steal some of your kisses, just so I can see if what stolen kiss red is suppose looks like ;-)


Jenny a.k.a Mopper of Spilled Milk said...

LOVE it!!! I need some serious decorating help!!! Love your new walls~~~

3 for Me! said...

Doesn't it feel great to get big project completed:) And even better to feel like your house is your HOME:)

I like BOTH:)

Anonymous said...

You go girl, it looks great. Can't wait to visit. Grandmamma and Big Daddy are such a blessing. Big hug to them.
Ann (YaYa & Paw Paw)

grandmama & Big Daddy said...

Those colors look even good in pictures!!!! Good job picking colors! We enjoyed it so much!